conditional “IF”

I. Type : kemungkinan / rencana / harapan
* if clause : simple present / present continous
* expectation : will / can + verb1

# 1. If you have time, will you come to my house?
2. If the magazine is on my table, you can take it

II. Type : khayalan
* if clause : past tense
* expectation : would / could + verb1

# 1. What would you do, if you won the lottery?
2. If the price of gasoline were only Rp 50, i would be very. happy

III. Type : penyesalan masa lalu
* if clause : past perfect
* expectation : would have / could have + verb3

# 1. If my father had given me money, i could have bought a dictionary
2. If you had got the invitation for the meeting, what would you have done?


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